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Bay Area Fence & Deck, Inc.
DBA Bay Area Redwood Fence & Deck
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Homeowner Associations
Your satisfaction is our goal.
   Bay Area Fence & Deck is a leader in shared community fence installation. Multiple unit fence work is complex and requires many steps to ensure that the work is done efficiently and properly.
   With more than twenty years’ experience Bay Area Fence & Deck has the requisite skills to manage, coordinate and install large, complex jobs. HOA satisfaction with the end product is ensured. References are available upon request.
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Tel: (408) 365-9999
       (650) 966-8388
       (510) 582-6767
Fax: (408) 365-3888
"The Company replaced the fences in our complex of 71 units of townhouses. They did an outstanding job using redwood to replace the wornout fences around the units. The quality of work is no less than outstanding. Great Job..."    Details:
Bay Area Fence & Deck offers you its exclusive 10-year craftsmanship and five-year material warranty. If a defect in craftsmanship or materials is found within the warranty period, then Bay Area Fence & Deck will replace the fence part. No questions asked.

Better Business Bureau.
A+ Rating With BBB.

Insurance, License & Bond.
Bay Area Fence & Deck is fully insured with auto, liability and workman's compensation insurance.

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