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Bay Area Fence & Deck, Inc.
DBA Bay Area Redwood Fence & Deck
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About Us
   Bay Area Fence & Deck takes pride in being a specialist in the construction of fencing and decks, arbors and retaining walls. Additionally we are also skilled at building other types of outdoor structures. In our lumberyard we keep 'on-hand', or can custom order, fine grade redwood and pressure-treated materials. We are pleased to deal with the general public for smaller scale projects as well as general contractors and landscaping contractors for larger operations. Bay Area Fence & Deck's craftsmen can be contracted primarily for individual homeowners, property management companies and homeowner associations. This means we enjoy the distinct advantage of being able to carefully select only the best products available on the market for inclusion into our inventory. If this were not the case then we couldn't offer you, the customer, only the best products. Bay Area Fence & Deck is well know for it's high quality products.

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Tel: (408) 365-9999
       (650) 966-8388
       (510) 582-6767
Fax: (408) 365-3888

Important Questions to Ask Your Contractor:

Is He licensed?
   If not, then he may not carry insurance. You will have no recourse if there are problems with the job. Bay Area Fence & Deck is licensed with California State Contractor's Board. License #629520.

Is He Properly Insured?
   Without liability insurance you and your neighbors will not be protected in case of damage to real or personal property. Bay Area Fence & Deck offers proof of liability insurance.

   Without workman's compensation insurance you leave yourself open to expensive and aggravating lawsuits in the event a workman is injured. It may not be your fault, but a claim may be made in any case. Bay Area Fence & Deck offers proof of workman's compensation insurance.
   Consider carefully the advantages of a "Bay Area Fence". We have earned our reputation and are willing to stand by it by offering exclusive 10-year craftsmanship and five-year material warranty. Additionally we hold a C-13 Fencing License and a B-1 General Contractor's License. Hence we can tackle your job if it requires those additional, personal touches. Past customers have been insured by companies including; AAA Insurance, AllState Insurance, State Farm Insurance and Farmers Insurance.

For full details of our extensive Workers Compensation, General Liability insurance, please call our office at (408) 365-9999
Visit Our Lumberyard

Our lumberyard is fully stocked with all grades of redwood and
pressure-treated lumber to meet your fencing and retaining wall needs.

Expert staff offer you:

  • Sales to contractors and do-it-yourselfers.
  • Free quotations - just ask our helpful, knowledgeable staff.
  • Lattice - our specialty; square, diagonal, privacy - you choose.
  • Boards - extra thick 3/4” compared to the standard 5/8”.
  • Milled Wood - machined here in our yard to your exact specifications.

The lumberyard is open 6 days a week Monday - Friday (8am-5pm) and Saturday (8am-12noon).  Details: